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Lay the groundwork for success. From initial concept to meticulous planning, we pave the way for your project's seamless execution.

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Construction Excellence Unleashed: Elevate your vision with our comprehensive construction services. Whether it's residential, home, or commercial projects, we bring expertise in welding, ceramic tiles, roofing, bricks/blocks, concrete, kitchens, bathrooms, stucco-work, siding, and wood floors. From groundbreaking to the finishing touches, trust us to craft your spaces with precision and quality that stands the test of time.

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Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance Mastery: Rely on us for meticulous care, both inside and out. Our comprehensive building maintenance services encompass interior and exterior needs, from precision painting to seamless brick replacement and beyond. Trust our expertise to preserve and enhance the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your spaces, ensuring they remain vibrant and welcoming.

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Who Are We?

At Jose & Sons Construction, our story is one of family values and a deep-rooted passion for construction.

Started by Jose Cabrera, we bring a unique blend of Ecuadorian craftsmanship and over a decade of industry expertise to every project.

You construct a dream. We will construct them to reality

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